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Biocon FY 2021 Results
Biocon Q1 FY21 Results 24-July-2020
Biocon FY 2020 Results
Biocon Q4 FY20 Results 15-May-2020
Biocon Q3 FY20 Results 24-Jan-2020
Biocon Q2 FY20 Results 24-Oct-2019
Biocon Q1 FY20 Results 26-Jul-2019
Biocon FY 2019 Results
Biocon Q1 FY19 Results 27-Jul-2018
Biocon Q2 FY19 Results 26-Oct-2018
Biocon Q3 FY19 Results 25-Jan-2019
Biocon Q4 FY19 Results 26-Apr-2019
Biocon FY 2018 Results
Biocon Q4 FY18 Results 27-Apr-2018
Biocon Q3 FY18 Results 25-Jan-2018
Biocon Q2 FY18 Results 27-Oct-2017
Biocon Q1 FY18 Results 27-Jul-2017
Biocon FY 2017 Results
Biocon Q4 FY17 Results 28-Apr-2017
Biocon Q3 FY17 Results 25-Jan-2017
Biocon Q2 FY17 Results 21-Oct-2016
Biocon Q1 FY17 Results 21-Jul-2016
Biocon FY 2016 Results
Biocon Q4 FY16 Results 26-Apr-2016
Biocon Q3 FY16 Results 21-Jan-2016
Biocon H1 FY16 Results 20-Oct-2015
Biocon Q1 FY16 Results/td> 23-Jul-2015

Biocon FY 2015 Results
Biocon FY15 Results 29-Apr-2015
Biocon 9M FY15 Results 22-Jan-2015
Biocon H1 FY15 Results 21-Oct-2014
Biocon Q1 FY15 Results 24-July-2014

Biocon FY 2014 Results
Biocon FY14 Results 25-Apr-2014
Biocon 9M FY14 Results 23-Jan-2014
Biocon H1 FY14 Results 25-Oct-2013
Biocon Q1 FY14 Results 26-July-2013

Q4FY20 Simulcast Video

Regulatory Approval for Insuline Glargine in Japan

ALZUMAb launched in India

Electronic Channel Date
Biocon 12-Aug-2013
CNBC 12-Aug-2013
NDTV Profit 12-Aug-2013
ET Now 10-Aug-2013

Coverage for 2012-13
Inside Biocon March 2013
Women in Chemistry January 2013
Collaboration with BMS for Oral Insulin 16-Nov-2012

Biocon FY 2013 Results
Biocon FY13 Results 26-Apr-2013
Biocon 9M FY13 Results 25-Jan-2013
Biocon H1 FY13 Results 31-Oct-2012
Biocon Q1 FY13 Results 26-July-2012

Biocon Photo Gallery
Biocon: Engaged in Affordable Innovation for Global Impact
Biocon Overview


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