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Biocon has shaped its business into four key growth verticals with the aim to deliver sustainable long term value for patients, partners, healthcare systems across the globe.

- Biologics (Biosimilars and Novels)
- Branded Formulations
Small Molecules (APIs & Generic Formulations)
- Research Services

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Biocon's fully integrated business model spans the entire drug value chain, from pre-clinical discovery to clinical development and through to commercialisation. Our businesses in integrated research services (Syngene) and branded formulations, small molecules and biologics (Biocon) provide multiple revenue streams to balance risk, drive innovation, deliver products and accelerate growth. As we increase the complexity and scope of our own R&D and manufacturing operations, especially in new product discovery and development, we believe our custom and clinical research services will continue to offer important synergies.

Syngene: Pre-Clinical Discovery

Biocon's custom research organisation, Syngene, offers modular and integrated services in small and large molecule discovery and development. Offering meticulous IPR protection, we provide customised solutions to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, and agrochemical industries in the areas of chemistry, biology, process development and scale-up, formulation and analytical development, preclinical services, and GMP manufacturing for clinical supplies.

Biocon: Commercialisation

Biocon has an impressive track record of commercialisation capabilities. We have brought to market a considerable portfolio of small molecules, led by our blockbuster Statins. The commercialisation of Insulin, Immunossuppressants and a range of Biogenerics demonstrates our highly advanced process development and manufacturing expertise. Under rapid progress are two challenging collaborative projects for the development of novel medicine, including Insulin Tregopil and T1h. Biocon also markets a basket of branded formulations in India, among them INSUGEN®, BIOMAb EGFR® and EPO.



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