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Company History

Main Objects of the Company

History and Major Events

Biocon was incorporated as Biocon India Private Limited on November 29, 1978 under the Companies Act. The word 'Private' was deleted from our name under the provisions of Section 43A(2) of the Companies Act with effect from July 1, 1995. Thereafter Biocon was converted to a private limited company under the provisions of Section 43(2A) of the Companies Act with effect from December 21, 2000. It was reconverted into a public limited company on June 18, 2001.

History and Major Events
The chronology of events since Biocon was incorporated in 1978 is as follows:

Year Key Events, Milestones and Achievements
Nov 29, 1978 - Biocon’s Founding Day - the start of a biorevolution in India. Biocon commenced operations as a joint venture between our promoter Ms. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw and Biocon Biochemicals Limited, an Ireland based multinational. Biocon began the manufacture and export of Papain, a plant enzyme, and Isinglass, a marine hydrocolloid, which are key products for the brewing industry.

1979 Biocon was the first Indian company to manufacture and export enzymes to USA and Europe.

1982 BCZ (BioChemizyme India) was incorporated to focus on research and development in relation to enzymes.

1984 Biocon began focusing on research and development, to develop novel enzymes for the Biocon group worldwide through solid-state fermentation process technology referred to as "koji technology".

1989 HLX (Helix Biotech Limited) was incorporated as a pharmaceutical biotechnology company, which later diversified into pharmaceutical bulk activities

Biocon along with Unit Trust of India/Technology Development and Investment Corporation of India (UTI/TDICI), Biocon Biochemicals Limited, Ireland and others invested in BCZ.
Unilever plc. acquired Biocon Biochemicals Ltd. in Ireland and merged it with its subsidiary, Quest International.

Biocon was the first Indian biotech company to receive US funding for proprietary technologies.

1990 Biocon scaled up its in-house research programme, based on a proprietary solid substrate fermentation technology, from pilot to plant level.

1992 UTI/TDICI transferred their entire shareholding in BCZ to Biocon Limited, Ireland. BCZ commenced operations.

1993 Biocon received ISO 9001 accreditation from RWTUV, Germany.

Syngene was incorporated as a CRO to conduct research for third party clients in the area of drug discovery and development. Syngene's skill set in the areas of molecular biology and synthetic chemistry are complementary to our expertise in the areas of fermentation and microbial genetics.

1995 Unilever acquired 50% of the shares in BCZ by acquiring the entire shareholding of Biocon Biochemicals Limited, Ireland and Biocon Limited, Ireland. Unilever also acquired shares in Biocon from Biocon Biochemicals Limited, Ireland and Biocon Limited, Ireland and others.

BQIL (Biocon Quest India Limited) was established with Biocon and Unilever acquiring around 50% stake each. BQIL commenced manufacturing operations from August 1996.

1996 The commercial success of Biocon's proprietary fermentation plant lead to a 3-fold expansion.

Biocon leveraged its technology platform to enter biopharmaceuticals and statins.

1997 Biocon spearheaded initiatives in human healthcare through a dedicated manufacturing facility.

1998 HLX commenced manufacturing operations.

1999 Glentec International acquired the entire shareholding of Unilever in BCZ, BQIL and Biocon.

2000 Biocon acquired the entire shareholding of BCZ, BQIL & HLX from Glentec International, Ms. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw and others in exchange for issue of shares by Biocon. Biocon became an independent entity Glentec International acquired a majority stake (approx 64%) in Syngene as part of a fresh issue of shares.

ICICI Ventures and its affiliate funds were inducted as shareholders of Biocon by way of subscription to 15.35% of the share capital of Biocon.

Biocon's proprietary bioreactor christened PlafractorTM based on solid matrix fermentation received a U.S. patent. Biocon commissioned its first fully automated submerged fermentation plant to produce specialty pharmaceuticals.

Clinigene was incorporated to conduct longitudinal clinical studies in select disease segments as a wholly owned subsidiary of Biocon.

2001 As part of a court based restructuring, BCZ, BQIL and HLX were amalgamated into Biocon, with effect from April 1, 1999.

Biocon's Lovastatin facility was approved by the US FDA

Biocon's proprietary bioreactor, PlaFractor is granted a US 2001 and world-wide patent

2002 Biocon acquired 99.99% of Syngene from its other shareholders, including ICICI Venture and its affiliate funds, which divested their entire stake in Syngene in exchange for issue of shares by Biocon. Syngene was made a 99.99% subsidiary of Biocon Limited.

Clinigene's clinical laboratory was the first in India to receive CAP accreditation.

2003 BBPL (Biocon Biopharmaceuticals Private Limited) was incorporated to manufacture and market a select range of biotechnology based life saving drugs as a 51:49 joint venture with CIMAB (Cuban Centre of Molecular Immunology) and Biocon.

ICICI Ventures along with its affiliate funds divested its shareholder interests in Biocon in favour of other private equity funds, being AIG AOF, a wholly owned subsidiary of AIG Asian Opportunity Fund L.P. and IVF and also to the Welfare Trust.

2004 Biocon went for an IPO to raise Rs 300 crores to fund its huge capital expansion plans.

Biocon's IPO was oversubscribed 32 times

Biocon created a buzz in the stock market in March 2004 with its hugely successful IPO. Biocon closed Day One of listing on the bourses with a market value of $ 1.11 billion, to become only the second Indian company to cross the $ 1 billion mark on the day of listing.

Biocon Limited, and North Carolina's Nobex Corporation announced a research collaboration to jointly develop an oral Insulin product for the treatment of Diabetes on a global scale.

Syngene inaugurated its new research centre at Biocon's new facility Biocon Park.

Biocon Limited, announced the launch of INSUGEN®, the new generation bio-insulin, manufactured in Asia's largest human insulin plant

Biocon Limited and Vaccinex, Inc. announced a broad strategic partnership to discover and co-develop at least four therapeutic antibody products.

Biocon Foundation was established with the aim of identifying and implementing projects that will impact the social and economic scenario in the country. Biocon Foundation launched Arogya Raksha Yojana, a unique micro-health insurance scheme for rural India in association with Narayana Hrudayalaya.

2005 Biocon Limited, signed a commercial agreement for supply of insulin API in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

2006 Biocon inaugurated Biocon Biopharmaceuticals, India's largest multi-product Biologics facility at Biocon Park.

Biocon inaugurated Biocon Park, India's largest integrated biotechnology hub, comprising an integrated cluster of research laboratories and manufacturing facilities spread across 90 acres in KIADB (Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board) industrial estate.

Biocon announced a licensing agreement with Bayer HealthCare (BHC) for the exclusive marketing and trademark rights for INSUGEN® for the Chinese market.

Syngene and Innate Pharmaceuticals AB, Umea, Sweden concluded a cooperation agreement to jointly develop, manufacture and market virulence blockers to counteract bacterial diarrhoeal disease.

Biocon launched India's first anti-cancer drug BIOMAb EGFR®.

Clinigene PRIDE study reaffirmed Insugen safety and efficacy. Clinigene completed India's largest documented safety study on insulin vials.

2007 Biocon and Abu Dhabi based pharmaceutical company Neopharma sign an MoU to establish a JV to manufacture and market a range of biopharmaceuticals for the GCC countries (Gulf Cooperation Council)

Biocon grants exclusive license to Ferozsons Laboratories Limited for marketing BIOMAb EGFR® in Pakistan.

Biocon and Bentley Announce Approval and Expansion of Bentley's Nasulin Phase II Studies in India. Biocon's Clinigene to conduct clinical trials.

Biocon announces the launch of its Nephrology Division and a comprehensive portfolio of renal therapy products.

Syngene enters into a research partnership with Bristol-Myers Squibb and completes the ground breaking ceremony of new research facility at Biocon Park.

Biocon signs Memorandum of Understanding with Deakin University, Australia. To establish Deakin Research Institute in Bangalore.

Biocon divests enzymes division for USD 115 million to Novozymes. Biocon business portfolio to focus on biopharmaceuticals.

Biocon and Abraxis BioScience, announce an agreement wherein Abraxis will license the right to develop a biosimilar version of G-CSF (Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor) in North America and the European Union.

Biocon and Neopharma sign an MOU to establish Neobiocon, a joint venture company in Dubai's biotechnology and research park, Dubiotech.

Biocon and Abraxis BioScience Inc., announce a licensing agreement for the commercialization of ABRAXANE®(paclitaxel protein-bound particles for injectable suspension) (albumin-bound) in India. Under the terms of the agreement, Biocon will also have the right to market ABRAXANE in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and certain other Persian Gulf countries.

Biocon presents the results of Phase 1 studies on its oral insulin product, IN-105 at the European Association for Study of Diabetes (EASD) meeting held at Amsterdam. Phase 1 studies were conducted on healthy volunteers who have been administered IN-105 in the form of a tablet. The human clinical data on IN-105 was presented at the session on Novel therapies. Based on these promising results, Biocon intends to now develop this molecule through further clinical trials.

Biocon and Abraxis BioScience, Inc. announce the approval to market ABRAXANE® for Injectable Suspension (paclitaxel protein-bound particles for injectable suspension) (albumin-bound) in India for the treatment of breast cancer by the country's Drug Controller General. Commercial introduction of ABRAXANE in the Indian market is expected in 2008 following the completion of the appropriate importation certifications.

Since its establishment, Biocon Foundation opened four Arogya Raksha Yojana primary healthcare clinics. Biocon Foundation established a cancer hospital along with Dr. Devi Shetty of Narayana Hrudayalaya

2008 Biocon acquires a 78% stake in German pharmaceutical company, AxiCorp GmbH for a consideration of €30 Million.

  Biocon launched a Safety Device in the form of pre-filled syringes for two of its life saving products, GCSF (granulocyte-colony stimulating factor) and EPO (Erythropoietin) in collaboration with Safety Syringes Inc. ERYPRO Safe™ and NUFIL Safe are the first two drugs that will marketed using this novel device with other injectable products to follow in the future.

2008 Biocon and Abraxis Bioscience launch ABRAXANE in India for treatment of Breast Cancer

Biocon is ranked the world’s top 20 biotechnology company by Med Ad News

Biocon is the 7th largest biotech employer in the world by Med Ad News

Biocon announced the results of an ascending dose study on its oral insulin drug (IN-105) at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) meeting in Rome. The study involved dosing Type 2 diabetes subjects with single doses of 0 mg (placebo), 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg and 30 mg tablets of IN-105 in 5 separate periods before a mixed 600 kcal breakfast. The outcome measurements were the safety and tolerability of IN-105, as well as the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of IN-105. The results showed that IN-105 was safe and well tolerated by patients.

NeoBiocon and Abraxis Bioscience launch Abraxane in The UAE for the treatment of Breast Cancer

2009 Biocon's Syngene partners with Sapient Discovery to expand integrated drug discovery offerings

Biocon's Syngene and DuPont Crop Protection Forge Alliance Partnership

Bristol-Myers Squibb and Biocon's Syngene open new R&D Facility at Biocon Park

Biocon launched BASALOG - long lasting basal insulin for Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetics

Biocon inks partnership with ISB to launch the Biocon Cell for Innovation Management

Biocon Announces Strategic Collaboration with Mylan to enter the Global Generic Biologics Market

Biocon and Amylin Pharmaceuticals enter a global development and Commercialization agreement for a Novel Peptide Hybrid

Biocon and HCG group of hospitals join hands to fight against cervical

2010 Biocon explores investment in Malaysia in partnership with BiotechCorp

Biocon and Bayer join hands to create awareness for self monitoring for diabetics

Syngene and Endo Pharmaceuticals, USA  to  jointly discover and develop novel biological drug molecules to fight cancer

Biocon acquires stake of its Cuban partner CIMAB S.A. in their seven year old JV, Biocon Biopharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

Biocon and Optimer Pharmaceuticals announce manufacturing and supply agreement for a novel API, first-in-class anti-infective (C. difficile)

Biocon and the Center of Molecular Immunology (CIM), based in Havana, Cuba strengthen their existing research   partnership by joining forces for an integrated antibody program in immunology

Biocon announces a strategic foreign direct investment in Malaysia with the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation SdnBhd (BiotechCorp)

2011 Biocon divests its stake in its German subsidiary, AxiCorp GmbH, to the existing group of promoter shareholders, AxiCorp was the licensee for Biocon's biosimilar Insulin and Glargine in Germany and had the sole responsibility for commercializing these products. As a consequence of this divestment, these rights revert to Biocon.

Biocon announced project commencement for first high-end biopharmaceutical manufacturing and R&D facility in Bio-XCell, Malaysia

Biocon launched INSUPen®, a convenient and affordable reusable insulin delivery device

2012 Biocon announced Positive Results from its Global Phase 3 study with Recombinant Human Insulin

GE Capital invests in Syngene, Biocon's Research Services Subsidiary

Biocon announced Positive Efficacy Data from Phase 3 clinical study with its Novel Monoclonal Antibody, Itolizumab for Psoriasis

Syngene - a subsidiary of Biocon Group, in collaboration with Abbott, setup a dedicated Nutrition Research and Development Center at Biocon Park

Biocon announced positive results from its Phase 1 Comparative PK-PD Study with Biosimilar Insulin Glargine

Biocon: the only Asian Company to Feature in the Global Top 20 BioPharma Employers, by Science Magazine

Biocon enters into an agreement with Bristol-Myers Squibb for its IN-105, an Oral Insulin drug

2013 Biocon received Marketing Authorization from the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) for its Novel Biologic Itolizumab, anti CD6 molecule, for the treatment of chronic plaque Psoriasis

Biocon enhances Partnership with Mylan through Strategic Collaboration for Insulin Products

Biocon Delivers a Healthy Growth of 22% driven by strong traction in Biopharma

Biocon Launched ALZUMAb- a 'First in Class' Novel Biologic Treatment for Psoriasis Patients in India

Biocon Partnered with CytoSorbents to Market CytoSorb® - A 'First-in-Class' Therapy for Sepsis Management

Biocon Ranked at No. 6 among Top 20 Global Biotech Employers by the Science Magazine

Biocon Unveils Biocon Academy - A Center of Excellence for Advanced Learning in Applied Biosciences

Biocon & Mylan received Indian Regulatory Approval for Trastuzumab for Treating Breast Cancer

Biocon and Quark Pharmaceuticals Collaborate to Develop Novel siRNA based Therapeutics

Biocon's ALZUMAb wins BioSpectrum BioPharma Product of the Year, 2013

2014 Biocon has been conferred with the Sir J C Bose Memorial Award – 2013 (Institutional category) by Indian Science Monitor (ISM) for its contribution in the field of Biotechnology, with special reference to the launch of ALZUMAb (Itolizumab)

  Biocon introduced CANMAb - Trastuzumab for Treating Breast Cancer in India

  Syngene, a subsidiary of Biocon Group, in collaboration with Baxter sets up a dedicated Research and Development Center at Biocon Park

  Silver Leaf Oak (Mauritius) Limited, an investment vehicle advised by India Value Fund Advisors has agreed to acquire a minority 10% stake in Syngene International Limited, Biocon's Research Services subsidiary. Silver Leaf will acquire the stake from Biocon Research Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Biocon Limited at a valuation of Rs.3800 Crore

2015 Biocon Foundation Recognized for Outstanding Contribution to Public Health by WHO - India

  Biocon Strengthens its Presence in Mexico; Receives Approval for Insulin Glargine through its partner PiSA Farmaceutica

  Biocon's CRO Arm Syngene Seeks Approval for IPO, Files DRHP; Offer allows Biocon to monetize its shareholding in Syngene

  Biocon-Mylan Programs Make Progress: PEG-G-CSF and Adalimumab enter Phase 3 clinical trials; Patient recruitment for one Insulin Glargine Phase 3 study completed

Biocon's Biosimilars Programs Make Progress; One of the Largest Generic Insulin Analogs and Biosimilars Portfolio in Advanced Stages of Development

  Biocon's CRO Arm Syngene Lists on BSE and NSE; Valued at $1 billion on Market Debut

  Biocon Inaugurates World Class Devices Facility in Bangalore & Introduces Basalog One in India

  Biocon is the Only Asian Company to be Ranked Among Top 20 Global Biotech Employers for 2015

  NeoBiocon Partners with Novartis to offer Vildagliptin for Diabetics in UAE

  Biocon Introduces CIMIVIR-L™ for Hepatitis-C in India

2016 Biocon Announced Data from Key Studies for Insulin Tregopil

  Biocon Gets its First Generic Formulation Approval in EU; On Track to Launch Rosuvastatin Tablets in FY17

  Biocon Inks Co-Development & Commercialization Agreement with Lab PiSA for rh- Insulin in USA

  Biocon's Insulin Glargine Receives Regulatory Approval in Japan


Biocon, Quark Announce Initiation of Pivotal Phase II/III Study of QPI-1007 in Rare Eye Disease in India

  Biocon's Insulin Glargine Launched in Japan
  Mylan & Biocon Announce Regulatory Submission for Proposed Biosimilar Pegfilgrastim Accepted for Review by European Medicines Agency


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